CME Xkey Air Bluetooth MIDI Keyboard

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The CME Xkey Air 37 is the ultimate portable Bluetooth Controller Keyboard. Featuring Bluetooth connectivity and a long battery life. The Xkey Air Bluetooth controller features velocity sensitive keys, octave change, pitch pend, modulation functions and more. The wireless connectivity is ultra-low latency meaning their is minimal delay between your note input and the sound produced. With its long-lasting battery life and portable design this controller is ideal for a range of musical applications.

The CME Xkey Air is the ultimate portable bluetooth MIDI controller. Featuring full sized keys, velocity sensitivity, polyphonic aftertouch, 100% MIDI, and low latency. Coupled with amazing battery life and housed in a high quality aluminum body.

The CME Xkey Air 37 Bluetooth controller connects to your device via a wireless Bluetooth connection, eliminating the need for messy cables. The wireless connectivity means you can use your keyboard more freely in relation to your computer. With the controller being wireless you may be inclined to think that the latency suffers because of the connectivity, this isn’t the case, in fact the low-latency performance is better than a range of wired controllers. As well as being wireless, you can also features support for MIDI connection allowing you to use the XKey with your selected music applications on your favourite devices.

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