Waldorf Quantum Synthesizer

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There is an art to providing the musician with a fine precision tool, an instrument that will support their creativity. The precise positioning and execution of the control elements is crucial. As with all creative arts, it is not always the sheer number of possibilities that can stimulate the creative process, but the fine execution of a few high quality options. With its generous control panel, Quantum offers the mechanisms for sound shaping, that quickly and intuitively lead to unparalleled results. However, many levels are concealed here, and often leave the accepted paths, to tempt you to explore the endless sound shaping possibilities. This is all done via the stunning hi-resolution touch sensitive display. When a synthesiser looks as visually stunning as the quantum, you can be sure that the sound will not let your eyes down.


Quantum looks to the future. There is a combination for analog filter circuits and contemporary Wavetable technology. It combines the most powerful building blocks from the legendary Waldorf synthesisers of a bygone age. There are also three additional sound creation methods. Waveform features typical geometric waveforms such as sawtooth, rectangle & triangle as well as user definable waveforms in each of its three oscillators. Completely novel is Particle, this is based on granular sample synthesis and Resonator. Resonator allows for the creation of organic sounds through filter bank resonance synthesis. The beautiful central display supports the design of sound unobtrusively, and illustratively in a quality that was previously not available within a musical instrument.


Quantum focuses on the perfect synergy between musician and machine. Just when you thought all sounds have been heard, get ready to let your auditory senses be rejuvenated.

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