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2box DrumIt Five MK2 with 32GB SD Card and Universal Triggering

The original DrumIt concept was a truly ground breaking step and a sensation in electronic drums when introduced. 2box are now taking this technology one step further and present the DrumIt Five MK2 module with Open Sound Architecture and Universal Trigger Interface as well as adding an SD card slot with support for 64GB cards.

Based on the same technology as the original DrumIt Five we have now added the Universal Trigger Interface allowing the user to connect any kind of pad/trigger to the module* as well as adding an SD card slot which supports SD cards up to 64GB. The new DrumIt generation is compatible with all popular major drum pad manufacturer’s pads, including cymbals and hi-hats.

DrumIt Five MK2 features all the same amazing features as the DrumIt Three along with:

  • SD Card Slot
  • 32GB sound memory (Up to 64GB supported)
  • 6 Outputs
  • 15 universal trigger inputs
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