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Micro Vent 122

Neo Instruments squeezed their highly acclaimed Ventilator technology into a standard size stompbox enclosure. But while they cut corners in size, they didn't cut corners in sound quality. The micro Vent 122 features an equally powerful DSP as its bigger brothers, Ventilator II and mini Vent II.

Waldorf Iridium

The mighty synth engine from Quantum is now making the impossible possible.

EBS 802 Amplifier

The new cornerstone of the EBS amplifications program.

OctaBass Blue Label

The EBS OctaBass was the first effect unit ever made by EBS. It is famous for fast and accurate tracking and a fat, natural sound. The 'Blue Label' model has a couple of new features that enhance the tracking range and improves the control of the sound.

EBS Stanley Clarke

Engineered and designed by EBS together with the legendary bass player and composer Stanley Clarke.

2box DrumIt Five

2box presents the DrumIt Five MKII module, which is compatible with all common pads and trigger technologies.


EBS Valve Drive DI B-Stock

GBP 249.00

Waldorf Iridium B-Stock

GBP 1,595.00

EBS Stanley Clarke Signature Preamp B-Stock

GBP 279.00

EBS MultiComp Blue Label B-Stock

GBP 129.00

EBS Billy Sheehan Ultimate B-Stock

GBP 175.00

Waldorf Kyra VA Synthesizer B-Stock

GBP 995.00

EBS Billy Sheehan Signature Drive Deluxe B-Stock

GBP 99.00

EBS DynaVerb Stereo Reverb B-Stock

GBP 69.00

Waldorf dvca1 Dual VCA Module B-Stock

GBP 129.00

EBS DPhaser B-Stock

GBP 69.00

EBS MicroBass 3 – Professional Outboard Preamp B-Stock

GBP 259.00

Neo Instruments Micro Vent 122 B-Stock

GBP 249.00

EBS The Drive – boost / overdrive B-Stock

GBP 59.00

EBS OctaBass Blue Label B-Stock

GBP 119.00