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Certified refurbished

Hand in Hand Certified Refurbished products can be demo units, opened box items, review units or customer swaps. All products go through a full test to make sure that they meet the performance specifications of brand new products. All products ship with a 6 month warranty, and a 14 day no-hassle return policy with only the shipping costs being covered.

  • Iridium B-Stock

    Waldorf Iridium B-Stock

    GBP 1,595.00
  • Reidmar 502 B-Stock

    EBS Reidmar 502 B-Stock

    GBP 349.00
  • Billy Sheehan Ultimate B-Stock

    EBS Billy Sheehan Ultimate B-Stock

    GBP 175.00
  • Blofeld Shadow B-Stock

    Waldorf Blofeld Shadow B-Stock

    GBP 249.00
  • MultiComp Blue Label B-Stock

    EBS MultiComp Blue Label B-Stock

    GBP 110.00
  • Valve Drive DI B-Stock

    EBS Valve Drive DI B-Stock

    GBP 249.00
  • Stanley Clarke Signature Preamp B-Stock

    EBS Stanley Clarke Signature Preamp B-Stock

    GBP 295.00
  • Kyra VA Synthesizer B-Stock

    Waldorf Kyra VA Synthesizer B-Stock

    GBP 995.00
  • DynaVerb Stereo Reverb B-Stock

    EBS DynaVerb Stereo Reverb B-Stock

    GBP 69.00

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