EBS High Performance (HP) Flat Patch Cables

EBS High Performance (HP) Flat Patch Cables

Over the recent years, the original flat patch cable design by EBS has set a new standard for wiring pedalboards efficiently. EBS now introduce a flat patch cable series with improved performance - the High Performance (HP) flat patch cables.

EBS High Performance (HP) black gold flat patch cables offer the most excellent performance yet of the EBS patch cables.

The new tin plated copper braid shield improves the shielding capability immensely to guarantee no signal loss on your pedalboard. It also improves the durability of the cables.

The contact has a 24K Gold plated tip, black chrome finish, and a ribbed surface on the side of the housing for better grip and a differentiated look.

Ebs Flat Patch Cables HP Namm 2019