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Sonicware SmplTrek - Portable Production Sampler

Easy Sampling with Built-in Mic Anytime, Anywhere!

You can easily sample any sounds with the built-in microphone, your microphone or electric guitar connected to the input, or even a USB-connected smartphone or PC/Mac.

You can even sample applying an insert effect. For example, your electric guitar can be added to Distortion or your vocal to Compressor.

Sonicware SmplTrek product image from top down showing off interface

Sampled sounds can be quickly assigned to pads with auto-slicing, and can also be edited manually in detail by viewing the waveform display.

Sampled sounds can also be easily matched to the tempo and key of your song.

You can also resample a sequenced phrase of sampled sounds including applied effects.

Flexible Song-making

Each song project has 16 sequential parts called "Scenes". Each Scene has 10 sequencer tracks which can behave in different ways, as described below:

Three additional Global Audio Tracks are available for longer recordings like vocals and external instruments. These tracks can record multiple takes which can be spliced into a final perfect version. Traditional "punch-in" style recording is also supported.

SmplTrek has 10 tracks. Each track can be freely set from LOOP track, SHOTS track, INST track, DRUM track, and MIDI track. (1 DRUM track and up to 3 INST tracks can be used simultaneously.) + 3 additional GLOBAL AUDIO tracks (3 virtual tracks on each track - mono recording).

Easily structure a full song by sequencing scenes and setting how many times they repeat before moving to the next scene. You can set the order of scenes via a copy function.

A song can be mixed down through a mastering effect, and be exported to a single audio file or individual audio files (stem files) for each track.

Effortless Music Streaming

You can stream your music in perfect quality with a single USB cable, without any driver installation or troublesome menu settings.

Sonicware SmplTrek product back

You can livestream your voice and performance in real time while playing along with your song. And they can be controlled with crossfading and mixing with effects.

Massive Sample Libraries

More than 500 high-quality sample sounds are available (for download), so you can start creating a songs right away, even if it's your first time.

Samples you record are stored to the SD card. In Card Reader mode you can download your recordings, or import new samples from your PC/Mac.

36 types of internal DSP effects can be used as the insert, send, and master effects.

Versatile Connectivity

The SmplTrek can connect to a wide range of audio sources such as, dynamic microphones, electric guitars/bass, synthesizers, and even USB audio sources from PC/MACs or smartphones.

The SmplTrek can output audio via two analog outputs, or digitally via USB for live streaming and direct DAW recording.

It can also synchronize its tempo with other devices using MIDI or audio sync.


Maximum Polyphony

  • Loop track + SHOT track + DRUM track + INST track: 30 voices
  • GLOBAL audio track: 3 voices (3 mono tracks)
  • USB audio track: 1 voice
  • External source: 1 voice
  • (DRUM track and INST track have a maximum of 8 voices each track. MIDI track can also output up to 8 notes each track.)

Sampling / Recording

  • 48kHz-16bit linear
  • Sampling Time: Maximum sampling time (size) for a single sample is approximately 180 minutes in stereo (2 GB)
  • Recordable Data: Depends on SD card *SD card sold separately.
  • Data Format: Wav
  • Resampling, auto-slicing, time-stretching, pitch-changing functions
  • *SmplTrek requires an SD card for sampling. Supported SD cards are SDHC cards up to 32 GB (SDXC cards are not supported.)


  • Each song project has 16 scenes
  • 1 scene contains 10 sequencer tracks and 3 additional audio tracks
  • Loop Track: Sequencer for a looping sample (Max 10 tracks/project)
  • Shots Track: Sequencer for a single one-shot sample (Max 10 tracks/project)
  • Drum Track: Step sequencer for drums (Max 1 track/project)
  • Instrument Track: Piano roll style sequencer for musical instruments (Max3 tracks/Project)
  • MIDI Track: Piano roll style sequencer for external MIDI equipment. (Max 10 tracks/project)
  • Max. number of bars: 128 bars in Scene
  • Note Length: 1/1~1/32
  • Various copy functions
  • Transpose function
  • Real-time and non-real-time recording
  • Metronome, pre-count function


  • 36 types (Insert, Send, Master Effects)


  • 15 velocity-sensitive pads with RGB LEDs


  • Control knob x 5, Directional pad with 2 button controls


  • 1.5 inch OLED display

Built-in Mic

  • Mono x 1 (Omni-directional, 94dBSPL)

Built-in speaker

  • Mono x 1 (1.5W 4)


  • INPUT L / Guitar (Switchable 10k and 1M impedance) / Dynamic Mic
  • [LINE Gain] PAD: -20dB
  • [Hi-Z Gain] LOW: 0dB, NORMAL: +10dB, HI: +20dB
  • [MIC Gain] LOW: 0db, NORMAL: +10dB INPUT R / Dynamic Microphone
  • [LINE Gain] PAD: -20dB
  • [MIC Gain] LOW: 0db, NORMAL: +28.8dB, HI: +50dB STEREO LINE OUTPUTS (Max +6.5dBV)
  • *The above jacks are all balanced 1/4" TRS Jack Connectors
  • PHONES jack (stereo 3.5mm mini jack type)
  • USB port (micro USB Type-B)
  • [USB Audio] USB 2.0 Full Speed, 48kHz-16bit Input: 2 channels, Output: 2 channels
  • [USB MIDI]
  • [Mass Storage Class] USB2.0 High Speed
  • *For iPhone, Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter required separately
  • MIDI IN connector (5-Pin DIN type)
  • MIDI OUT connector (5-Pin DIN type)
  • AUDIO SYNC IN jack (mono 3.5mm mini jack type)
  • AUDIO SYNC OUT jack (mono 3.5mm mini jack type)
  • SD card slot
  • DC IN connector

Power Supply

  • DC12V output AC adapter (500mA, Inner Diameter: 2.1mm, Outer Dismeter: 5.5mm, Polarity: Center+)
  • Ni-MH AA SIZE Rechargeable Battery or Alkaline AA SIZE Dry Battery x 6 (Alkaline dry batteries life: approx. 4 hours)
  • *Batteries sold separately
  • AC Adaptor
  • Warranty
  • 8SD card, USB cable and the other connection cables sold separately

Size and weight

  • Width: 147mm | approx. 5.8 inch
  • Depth: 175mm | approx. 7.8 inch
  • Height: 46mm | approx. 1.8 inch
  • Weight: 550g | approx. 1lbs 3.5 oz

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